Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use The Backshop content in a route I plan to redistribute or sell?

A: You may only distribute routes containing our freeware content ONLY on 3rd Party sites and NOT to the download station. However if you plan to sell a route that contains The Backshop payware OR freeware, you must contact us for licensing info.

What is your policy on requests or commissions?

A: We do not take requests for any content. However, commission work is available for all genres of content. Use the contact form below if you'd like more infomation on commission rates.

If you have a suggestion for content, we'll happily look into it, but can't promise it'll be produced.

Can I host my content on The Backshop's website?

A: Website space is reserved for content created by members of The Backshop only.

Are you looking for new developers or beta testers.

A:At this time, all available positions as a content creator in The Backshop are full, therefore we are not accepting new memebers.

We are not currently needing any new beta testers.

Do you accept refunds on payware content?

A: No! Absoultely not, No exceptions. Due to the nature of the products we are selling:(DLC), ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

How do I install the content once downloaded?

A: Most of our content download directly as ".cdp" files. Simply open your Trainz Content Manager and select File>Import CDPs. However, some of our larger packs download as a ".7z" (7zip) file, any zip file viewer can open this.(winrar, 7zip, windows zip viewer, etc.) Open the zip file and you'll find your ".cdp" files there.


It is a known error that some browsers, especially Mircosoft Edge, download our content as ".html" files. Downloading our products with Chrome or Firefox usually fixes this. However, if it does not. right click on the ".html" file and rename it by replacing the .html extension with ".cdp" or ".7z".

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