"Ready To Reforge History"

We're dedicated to producing high quality DLC for Trainz 2012 and Trainz: A New Era. Our products range from steam locomotives to track objects, scenery, routes, textures and soundpacks!


TBS Generic Ice Cream Shop

Every small town USA has atleast one summertime ice cream stand, and the first day of summer seemed like a good time to release this pack!

Created by: ltg. Released 6/21/19.

Heavy 2-10-2 Locomotive Pack

Pack of 8 original 2-10-2 steam locomotives, complete with 4 tenders.

Created by: Trainman7616. Released 3/23/19.

TBS 130' Roundhouse Kit

This kit contains everything you need to create custom roundhouses for your route! Kit includes turntables, stalls and track!

Created by: don49plm (TBS Associate). Released 2/27/19.