C&O Allegheny Division Model RR

Route Description

Take a ride on the C&O Allegheny Division, a 1x3 baseboard route set mostly in West Virginia on the C&O in the late 40's-early 50's. This route was originally developed from a Model Railroader track plan, and while the trackage still largely resembles that of its source material, the scenery has diverged somewhat as it was adapted from trainz. The route features dense forests and quiet mountain towns, as well as meadows, farms, and old dirt roads. There is also Hinton WV, a city featuring the main yard and roundhouse, along with a freight house and power plant to service. Passenger stations dot the line to run passenger trains, whether they are long overnight trains, or local commuter runs. Two coal mines and a grain silo make for interesting running heading downgrade from Hinton, and switching at Ronceverte and White Sulphur Springs make for fun switching going up-grade from Hinton. There's a passing siding in the town of Allegheny to make room for passing freights or passenger trains, and there are also two staging areas to both redirect trains or store extra trains for later. This route will also be the first to use a point lighting system for trainz. While the system is fairly crude and a bit unwieldy to set up, when set up correctly, it does make for a route that looks as good at night as it does during the day. We hope to continue the development of this system, or better yet, use it to persuade N3V to pursue development of a true point lighting engine, in order to continue to make the night time in trainz look better and better. As the route is equipped for this system, we highly recommend downloading the JTG Correct Vehicle Lights rule from the Download Station, which prevents the lighting from being really washed out, and using it in any sessions where you plan to run at night

Route Content Pack

Pack by Southern1581. Original assets by trainboi1 of Trainz Forge, bdaneal, and whitepass.

  • C&O G-4-h 2-8-0's
  • C&O G-2-p 2-8--0's
  • C&O A-16 4-4-2's
  • C&O Pullman Heavyweight RPO's
  • C&O Pullman Heavyweight Baggage cars
  • C&O Pullman Heavyweight Coaches
  • C&O Pullman 8-1-2's
  • C&O Pullman 8-3-1's
  • C&O Pullman 8-Lounge-Obs cars
  • C&O Pullman 10-1-1's
  • C&O Pullman 10-1-2's
  • C&O Pullman 12-'s
  • C&O Pullman 14 section sleepers

Compatibility and Dependencies

This route and content pack in built in Trainz: A New Era Service Pack 3 and is NOT compatible with Trainz 2012.

The following non DLS dependencies are required but not included

  • LilB's Sound Effects Library V1.15: kuid2:103021:100444:6
  • LilB's Script Library v1.4.5.7: kuid2:103021:100525:21