TBS Light Pacific Pack


New from the shops are the Generic T85 4-6-2 Light Pacific's. These locomotives are built to Baldwin specifications from the 1930s. This pack contains FIFTY TWO locomotives with varying headlight styles, various toggle meshes, wheel colors and four custom tenders styles.

Meshes, texturing, animation by Trainman7616. Script work by USSc1798.


The following assets are included with your purchase

52 locomotives, list as follows

  • Standard Style Headlight
  • Southern Style Headlight
  • Smokebox Top Mounted Light
  • 3 & 4 Digit Auto Running Numbers
  • Standard Black & White Wall Tires
  • Various Toggle Meshes
  • White & Yellow ARN Number versions
  • Custom Doghouse Interior
  • 8 Blank Small Box Tenders (3 & 4 Digit Numbers)
  • 10 Blank Large Box Tenders (3 & 4 Digit Numbers)
  • 4 Blank Vanderbilt Tenders (3 & 4 Digit Numbers)

Compatibility and Dependencies

This pack is built for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 ONLY

Use in "Trainz: a New Era" or any other previous versions WILL RESULT IN GAMEPLAY ERRORS!

This Pack Requires The Following Dependencies: Southern Railway 5 Chime Whistle available on the download station.

If this pack receives a rework or compatibility update, no need to pay again. when an update is announced, email us your transaction ID from the original purchase to receive your free copy.

PRICE: $15.00

DEVELOPER: Trainman7616. RELEASED: 10/31/19.FILE SIZE: 299 mb zipped

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